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The time is over for playing small – 2022 is YOUR year. When you focus on High-Ticket deals, attracting premium clients with a First Class experience, you position yourself as the expert people WANT to work with.

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Shift from chasing low-level leads to closing consistent Ideal Clients like magic 

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Phase 1) Get total clarity & Standout from the rest

Month #1

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Signature System for Success

Phase 2) Craft/improve funnel & Automate to Attract Ideal Clients consistently

Month #2

Month #3

Launch & Scale

Phase 3) Rise to success with your First Class brand experience that gets you clients 2Xs faster

Month #3

Day #100

You’ve reached your goals!

Work hard, play hard.

We’re celebrating together in a private, upscale location 🍾🥂🎉 (I’ll be dropping 1 hint every week 😉)

Day #100

BONUS 🎁#2: Get access to my private list of 600+ Media contacts to pitch for exposure

Got questions? Get the answers you need...

A Mastermind is a formal group of professionals that are after Personal and Business Development, meet weekly to brainstorm, discuss goals and strategies, network and learn from other experts.


The benefits of Masterminds include: higher-level connections, learn from others' experience/expertise, get instant feedback on actions, clarity on goals, accountability, cowork, teamwork vibes, positivity, unlock new income levels, collaborations, partnerships and helps you develop a Growth Mindset for success.

This Mastermind is perfect for you if you are ready to:


✈️ Attract ideal clients with a First-Class brand

💡 Package your ideas in a way that impresses your audience

📈 Upgrade your prices to high-ticket sales

👑 Rise to be known as the expert in your field

🔑 Unlock the success you've been working for by day #100


It's not the right fit if you:

❌ Self-sabotage or don't believe in yourself 

❌ Lose interest fast

❌ Are not committed to your goals, personal and business development

❌ Don't invest in yourself or your business

❌ Are making less than $75,000/yr or don't have funds saved to invest

The weekly Mastermind Calls are online via Zoom, but if you get your Membership before 12/31/21 you get the Early Bird Bonus: Complimentary access to monthly Networking Events for 1 whole year! (Worth $600) Those are in person at:


Prospour: Coffeeshop & Taphouse
404 North Euclid Avenue
Ontario, CA 91762

The Mastermind is for businesses across many industries, but to make it easier to scale it is smart to have a top-tier product or service that you can package as a High-Ticket offer. 

However, it is good to note that existing businesses do better in this Mastermind. It's recommended that you are ready to scale beyond $75k and have funds available to invest.

We've had Entrepreneurs from all kinds of categories be successful with the program:

  • Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, specialists, speakers, coaches
  • Services
  • Real Estate
  • Health & Wellness
  • Beauty
  • Financial
  • B2B
  • Niche products

Honestly, only you will know that because everyone is on their own journey - but I do have ways to help.


  1. Ask yourself this: do you want to be in the same place 6 months from now, 1 year from now? How much is it costing you to keep playing small? Would you benefit from making more money while working less and connecting with other Ambitious Entrepreneurs? Do you crave support, accountability and to meet people that get you?

  2. Get my checklist with the First 21 Steps to Build a Strong Business Foundation, and there are a couple steps before the one to join a Mastermind. Send me a DM me 'Checklist' or a ✔️ on Facebook and I'll send it right over so you can find out if your business is ready for growth! (I usually charge $5 for this but I'll make an exception )

Of course! On average, I help brands 2-10x their sales. I've been running Masterminds for years, send me a DM on Facebook with the keyword 'Case Studies' and I'll forward you the latest success stories from other Entrepreneurs 


You can also check out my portfolio here Case Studies 

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