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You get paid for simply sharing some info and a link to someone you think would benefit from the Mastermind, monthly Networking events or services to grow their brand.
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Links to enter on the Affiliate URLs section of the Affiliate Area to send to your leads:

Service Link Payout
Monthly Networking Events Subscription Coming soon... $50.00 One time
Mastermind (Monthly Payment Option) $200/month for 5 months
Mastermind (Paid in Full) $1,000.00 One time

Step 1) Go to Affiliate URLs tab

Step 2) Copy the desired link from below

Step 3) Paste the link in the Referral Link Generator

Step 4) Copy the link generated and send that to your prospect so they can sign up 

Once your lead submits payment, you will get a notification within 1 business day that you earned a referral.

When their funds go through, your payout is automatically initiated if you are signed up for the Payout Service properly. Then it will take 4-7 business days for the payment to go through to your account.

If you do not sign up to the Payout Service, you will get an email asking for your preferred payout method.